Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Freshers week has been an interesting experience. Basically I am going through orientation week all over again, except in a different country. It's kinda fun actually, I get to apply all of my previous orientation week experience to create the best Freshers week ever. It also means that there is so much free food that I don't have to cook for myself yet. Because I am not an official fresher and I am only a visiting student, I don't have to attend a lot of the programs. I've had lots of free time to acquaint myself with the town and make sure I have essentials such as food and a phone.
This visiting student situation has made making friends complicated though. When I am hanging out at the pub in the Student Union at night it is quite common for a drunk fresher to stumble up to me and shout "are you a fresher too". I attempt to explain that, yes, I am new to St. Andrews but I am a third year, not a first year. So I'm kind of a fresher but not really. After that explanation the fresher normally wanders off to find people his own age. It is also pretty common for a drunk upperclassman to stare at me for a couple seconds and then yell FRESHER! into my face. Not appreciated. I have met some other study abroad students also here for a semester, but it is hard to meet other third years here because they have already established themselves and aren't really interested in meeting a person for only a semester.
It's fun to watch fresher week as someone who has already been through it. In case you were wondering, freshers here enjoy the newfound freedom just as much as freshmen back home. The only difference is that they can enjoy it in pubs. There is also much more to do here during Freshers week than there was at Knox. Almost every society has some sort of program involving free food and sports here are a big deal so there's lots of stuff for that. Beyond that there are subject talks, campus and museum tours, and lots of organized parties. There's always something to do. As an international student I have felt more than welcome and the only overwhelming aspect of this process has been choosing what to do out of the plethora of choices that St. Andrews offers us.

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Mara said...

Meeting other people is always intimidating to me. I hope you make some good friends while you're there!