Thursday, October 20, 2011

Glasgow One Day

I spent the weekend of October 8-9 playing Ultimate Frisbee in Glasgow. Glasgow One Day has a beginners tournament and an experienced players tournament happening side by side in a gym. The beginners tournament is available only to beginners. Only one experienced handler is allowed to be on the field at a time and they are not allowed to score points. Since I have never played indoor frisbee the way they do in the U.K. I got to tag along for the fun.
For anyone that cares, indoor frisbee is different here than the way we play at Knox. The fields are the size of a basketball court and you are only allowed to play with five people on the line at a time. Since there is so much less space to play, the game becomes largely about tactics. Each player on the field has a job that they have to accomplish and, if all goes smoothly, the strategy results in a point.
There is a cool tradition here that I wish we did in the U.S. After every game both teams come together for "a call". Basically we all circle up and the experienced players compliment the other team for a good game and highlight their strengths. After that we play silly games to mingle and get to know each other (i.e. ninja). It's a great way to get know players for other universities around the country. It's especially useful for the beginners because these are the people who they will be seeing at tournaments for the next four years. Gotta love how small the Ultimate world is.
Below is a picture of the St. Andrews womens team playing the St. Andrews mens team in the experienced half of the tournament. Technically the tournament was an open tournament. This meant that there didn't have to be an even ratio of guys to girls on the field. This is also a nice way of saying that it is a guys tournament but that ladies are allowed to play.

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