Friday, October 14, 2011

Just Some Thoughts

I have spent a little over a month in Scotland and I have loved every second of it. Here is a list of things I have learned or picked up while over seas.
~ When you are waiting in line it is called a queue. Example "everyone queue up" or "would you please wait in the queue".
~ Homework is compulsory, also known as mandatory or required. I was confused for awhile what "attendance is compulsory" meant. Then I realized it meant that I wasn't allowed to miss any classes. Bummer.
~ If a guy is interested in a girl and has been chatting her up and flirting but it isn't at the dating stage yet, she is called a "girl on the go". I have tried to use this phrase as often as possible.
~ If a girl or a guy is really attractive, he or she is "really fit". You should say this with an eyebrow raise and a nod.
~ If you have to get something figured out you should "get it sorted".
~ Cars drive on the other side of the road. Still getting used to this. Although I look the right way first when attempting to cross the street now. This is a step in the right direction. By the time I get home I'll have gotten it figured out.
~ Pedestrians don't have the right of way. So you better stay on the side walk. If you need to cross the street just keep repeating in your head "I am invincible, I am invincible" and pray.
~ People walking around in red capes aren't weird. They're just representing the history of our school. It's actually cool to walk around in a red cape. And you can pretend you go to Hogwarts.
~ I have figured out how to pronounce Leuchers. It's the train station here in St. Andrews.
~ Say "keen" as much as possible. Same goes for "cheers" and "brilliant".
~ If you have to pee ask where the toilet is, not the bathroom, otherwise people will ask you if you have to take a bath.
~ A grilled cheese sandwich is called a toastie.

In other exciting news I am off to another frisbee tournament for the weekend. Obviously I'm very behind on updates but I'll work on that. I have also booked tickets to Dublin, will be traveling to London for reading week and will be seeing Dirty Dancing the Musical in Glasgow in the near future. Oh, I'll also be studying, I can't forget that.

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