Sunday, November 13, 2011

Mixed Regionals

November 5-6 I went to back to Edinburgh for Indoor Mixed Regionals. I'm going to do the same highlights and lowlights list that I did for Edinburgh Beginners. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures but I promise it was an amazing time and a wonderful weekend of frisbee.

-Everything my team did. We really meshed as a team and only got better as the matches went on. We ended up finishing in eighth. We were the second highest ranking second team at regionals. We also finished in the top eight of the tournament. That's the top half. That means we were really good. Like better than expected.
-Our first team making it to Division One Nationals. That's a big deal.
-MAJOR frisbee goggles. Frisbee goggles happen when boys appear more attractive when they play frisbee.
-A girl on our team bringing a duvet the second day (the pitches were freezing).
-Snuggles under the duvet
-Learning to always wear my sexy pants
-Electric bum. Calls sometimes include some very...interesting games. I'll have to do a post explaining them because they are hilarious.
-Hot chocolate in the morning.

-The pitches being colder than outside. The fields were astroturf which was really fun. But the pitches were located inside a sports complex that was basically covered by netting to keep out the wind and rain.
-Getting hit in the nose with a frisbee. Don't worry mom, nothing is broken. Just a little bruised and sore.
-Not getting to go to the party/fireworks Saturday night. Saturday night also happened to be Guy Fawkes Night. "Remember, remember the fifth of November." Ring a bell? Apparently Edinburgh does some pretty amazing fireworks to celebrate this night. The people running the tournament had organized a viewing of these fireworks for teams staying in Edinburgh. Due to circumstances which I won't get into, we didn't stay over. I was bummed.

And that's it. Another fantastic tournament!

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