Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Spirit of the Game

So I said I would write a post about calls and here it is! Spirit circles and calls are a new thing to me because we don't do them back home. Of course we get to know other teams because you end up playing the same people for four years and there's all sorts of good spirit, we just don't do spirit circles. I was really confused when the experienced players started walking out of the sports center after our first game and were like "are you coming?". Basically we all circle up and mingle and the experienced players take turns complimenting the other team on things they did right and pointing out places where we could improve our game. Then we do a call. One of the two teams picks a game to get us to mingle and have some fun. It really helps break the competitive tension. Games can vary from ninja to some very interesting stuff. Sometimes teams exchange calls and sometimes we just do one call if we have another game coming up or the call takes a long time. After the call we do slaps (high fives) and go our separate ways. Slaps can simply be high fives or you might have to hop on one foot or other silly things. Below is a list of some of my favorite calls.

Electric Bum: Teams stand in two lines. The genders from the two opposite teams go together. You stand boy girl boy girl behind each other. A water bottle or something is placed before the first people in line. One person stands at the back of the line of both teams and squeezes the bums of the last two people. Then you go up the line squeezing the bum of the person in front of you. Your eyes are closed so you can only go once your bum is squeezed. When the squeeze gets to the person at the front of the line they run to get the water bottle. Whichever team gets the water bottle first wins and goes to the back of the line. Whichever team gets through the whole line first wins. I hope that made some sort of sense. It's a fun, kinda awkward game. It gets really interesting when the person behind you gets a little too enthusiastic.

Sexy Pants: 5 or 6 people from each team line up facing each other. The first person shows a little bit of their underwear. Then the team has to guess if the next person's underwear will be more or less sexy. This is how I learned that you should always wear your sexy pants to tournaments.

Stories: Both teams think of two or three embarrassing stories to tell about members of their own team. The other team then has to guess who the story is about. I know some really personal details about people whose names I don't even know.

Weeds: Both teams form one giant human knot or weed and then it is up to the people not in the weed to pull them apart. Once you get pulled out of the weed you help pull people apart. The last two people attached to each other wins. You get really close to people and injuries can happen. It is an intense game.

There are other more boring calls like ninja, but these are the most interesting ones I've done. Like I've said numerous times before, spirit circles are a great way to mingle and get to know one another. Sometimes you just get to know people a little too well...

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