Monday, September 24, 2012

Classes and Montjuic

After our first week of classes, some friends and I decided to take advantage of our three day weekend and spend the day exploring Montjuic. I've said it before, but Montjuic is huge. This was the second time I had gone and everything I saw was completely new to me.
But first, a note about classes. When I studied abroad the last time, classes were an integral part of my experience at St. Andrews. I learned a lot, became invested in what I was learning, and met friends through my classes. It is very different here in Barcelona. Although my classes are run through the University of Barcelona with UB professors, my classes only consist of the other people in the Knox BCN program. They are also the least intense classes I have ever taken through or with Knox. I'm not saying that I'm not learning anything, because I am. My spanish is improving, I'm reading some Spanish literature and I know a whole lot about my art history professor's personal life and opinions on everything. But, the homework load isn't a lot and there's nothing about these classes that is really making me passionate about what I'm learning. I feel like they're a necessary part of being able to study abroad. Like, if I go to class, I can do all the other fun stuff too. I'm happy I have the free time, but I'm also getting used to not being intellectually invested in what I'm learning. But don't worry mom, I'm ahead on my homework and am already working on a paper due at the end of October.
That being said, I have been putting my free time to good use. I went back to Monjuic with some friends and explored around for the day. Montjuic is the location of a lot of buildings from the 1992 Olympics, as well as gardens, a theater, and a whole lot more. On this excursion we went around the Olympic stadium and then wandered our way through a lovely garden. After that, we went into the mall across the plaza (it used to be a bull fighting arena, but that became illegal in Barcelona so they converted it into a mall) and window shopped and bought some treats.
Also, these were taken on my Iphone. Not bad, right? Thank you dad for telling me to bring it.

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Anonymous said...

Mark Twain once said, "Don't let school interfere with your education".
I think you are in a perfect place for a whole lot of learning to take place outside the confines of the classroom. mom ;)