Friday, September 28, 2012


This last week the weather has been turning from Summer to Fall and fashion has been changing too. People are starting to dress more like the fashion I was used to seeing in Scotland (i.e. leather boots, short shorts with tights, etc.). But I want to focus on what I saw during the warm weather because I was loving it.
Basically you want your outfit to say, "Oh this? Yeah, I woke up with five minutes to spare, threw this on and I didn't even mean to look this effortless. My hair? I didn't even have time to brush it. It does this cool tousled thing on its own". How is this look achieved?
Loose pants: Light, billowy pants were everywhere. I was so glad I brought the pair I owned. Basically it's like wearing fashionable pajama pants. That kind of comfort is something I'm more than okay with.
Everything sheer: It really doesn't matter how much your bra shows here. So people just throw on sheer tops and are good to go. I tend to dress a little more conservatively than that, but after a great sale at Zara and some encouragement from my friends, I jumped on the sheer top band wagon. I know my mother is cringing, but it's actually very practical in the heat. Especially in the hot, muggy metro stations.
Sillouette (the shape your clothes make. Project Runway talks about this all the time): America is all about structure right now. The more geometric and futuristic the shape, the better. In Barcelona, it's the exact opposite. The more loose and billowy the better. It's too hot to be wearing tight clothes anyway. If you want to create a shape with your clothes, don't used a belt. Just tuck that shirt in and go. Simple is better here. Maybe throw on a long necklace, maybe, but like I said, until this week, it's been too hot for big jewelry.
Shoes: I have seen these sandals EVERYWHERE.
About every other person that walks by me on the streets has been wearing these exact sandals. Sometimes (very rarely) there is a variation on the style or color, but for the most part, these exact sandals. Men, women, old, young, they all have these. I looked at a pair and there doesn't seem to be anything particularly special or super comfortable about them so I don't understand the hype. But these are all the rage over here.
Stores: Zara, Mango and H&M are the top three. Barcelona just a got a couple Primarks that I'm itching to take a look at. It's possible to find outlet stores for all of these, so shopping here doesn't have to destroy your bank account. Corte Ingles is the popular department store here. It's expensive, but I recommend just looking at the shoe department. It's like shoe heaven. When I went with my friend we were somewhere between a loss of words, crying tears of joy, and running around to touch everything.

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