Saturday, November 17, 2012

Day Trip to San Pedro de Roda and Museo Dalí

November 9th the entire Knox program took a day trip to Gerona and Figueras to see the monastery San Pedro de Roda and Museo Dalí. We were up bright and early before the sun was up to make it to the tour bus. After a busy weekend (full of worthless workshops) we were very tired, so we spent a lot of this day trip tired and kind of cranky. It didn't help that our art history professor was with us. He talked a lot and verrrrry slowly. It was hard not to nod off at times. Honestly, I don't remember a lot of things he told us about the monastery and once we got to the museum all of us ditched him because we knew we wouldn't stay awake if we stayed. The monastery is of Roman origin and was constructed in 975bce until 1020bce. We had a personal guided tour with our professor and then we headed over to Figueras for lunch. Lunch was yummy! I had a never ending chicken with the best wine I've had yet. After that we went to the Dalí museum. Like I said, we were able to leave our professor and wander around as we pleased. The thing about the museum is that Dalí himself was able to help design it. So the whole thing is like his own giant art project. It's a trippy place.

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