Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Lazy, but not so Lazy Weekend

The weekend of Oct. 26th was the first that I didn't have some crazy trip planned. But don't worry, I still had a very busy weekend. I spent Friday studying and then I went and played frisbee. On Saturday I took a day trip to Girona all by myself. I wanted to challenge myself and see if I could be a tourist all by myself. Turns out I can! It's a small city, about an hour away on the train from Spain, so it wasn't a crazy first experience traveling by myself. It was great though. The historic part of the city is really pretty and full of winding streets. It's split into different sections including a Jewish section, call The Call, where all the Jews went after the diaspora. The funny part is that there is no Jewish community in Girona any more. Not even a temple. I went to an awful museum that should have been called Judaism for dummies. It had the most simple facts about Judaism that made me smile a bit when I read them. After The Call I went to a cathedral and walked along the walls of the city. It was starting to get cloudy so I made my way back to the train station and got there just before the rain started. I liked being all independent, but eventually it got kind of old talking to myself in my head. There were only so many times I could ask myself "okay Maddie, where to next?" or exclaim to myself, "Wow! So pretty! Take a picture." I felt like I was going a little crazy by the end. When I got back I rushed to get dinner with some of my frisbee friends and then we went out for the night. It was nice to go out in Barcelona with people who live there instead of being a tourist and running off to a club. On sunday I went to Bravas practice on the beach out in Castelldefels.
It was nice to spend the weekend in Barcelona but still be busy. It kind of gave me a taste of what it would be like if I lived there.  photo file-3.jpg  photo file-7.jpg  photo file-25.jpg  photo file-27.jpg  photo file-31.jpg  photo file-23.jpg

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Love the slide show and the new hair!