Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Gaudí Trifecta

Now that my crazy travels have come to an end I took the time to explore the city that I've been living in for the past three months. My friends and I focused on Gaudí and went to La Pedrera, Casa Batlló and La Sagrada Familia.

La Sagrada Familia
We had gone during orientation week but we wanted to go back now that we aren't jetlagged and less confused about what the heck was going on. We also bought tickets to go up into the tours. That was a waste of money. If you're interested in seeing a beautiful view of the city that's what it is, but honestly you can do that for free. I can do it from the window of my bedroom. La Sagrada Familia isn't my favorite church. I don't feel that it is religious at all, it's just one giant tourist trap with an interesting history.
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La Pedrera
The best part about La Pedrera was the roof. Basically it was an apartment complex for suuuuper rich people. The flats were gorgeous, but besides the roof, it didn't feel super "Gaudí". The fun part about going with my friends is that, although we appreciate the art, we also have lots of fun. We never take museums or other cultural locations too seriously. But I promise we learn a lot.
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Casa Batlló
Definitely my favorite. It was beautiful and had Gaudí's style all over it. We even got an audio guide included with our tickets. I love audio guides! The keyword for this place is ergonomic (the science of fitting the work to the user instead of the user to fit the work). Every other word on that tour was ergonomic. The furniture, railings, stairs, they were all ergonomic. There was music in every room and I was so overwhelmed by how beautiful it was that I just started dancing from room to room. I didn't care if other tourists were bothered, I was having more fun.
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I leave in two days which is quite upsetting. But I'm fine, I'm already looking for ways to come back. My mom is thrilled.

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