Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Last Days in Spain

Welp, I'm home now. Mixed feelings but it's nice to be with my family. My last couple of days in Spain I had the lovely balance of spending time with Knox friends and playing some frisbee. Kayla and I went to The Cathedral of the Holy Cross and Saint Eulalia. Between all of my travels I've seen more cathedrals than I'd care to admit. Quick list: Sagrada Familia, the one in Girona, the Duomo in Milan, Notre Dame in Paris and this one in Barcelona. I've seen my fair share. This one we went to pretty fast because it was free and there wasn't a whole lot to see. But it was beautiful and I got some cool pictures.
file-166 photo file-166-1.jpg
file-168 photo file-168-1.jpg
After my friends left for their various travels, I spent my time in Barcelona playing some frisbee. On Sunday, the day before I left to go back to the states, I played in a day beach tournament with the Liga Catalana. It's the league of Catalunya, so just the teams in Catalunya play. I played for the Bravas B team because I had to miss the first two games to pack. We ended up winning the two games I played and because they had done so well in the other two games, we won the division 2 tournament. It was a great way to end my stay here in Barcelona. After the tournament we went to get some drinks and I had to give a Spanish. So of course I forgot all of the Spanish I had acquired. After that I went home to my final dinner with Carmen and Teti and went to bed so I was ready for my 4:30am wake up call.

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