Sunday, December 9, 2012


Unless I find some pictures that I missed, this is my final post about Barcelona. Instead of writing a long rambling essay about how much I enjoyed myself and how much my life changed I'm going to do a highlight and low light list about my time in Barcelona. Just like what I used to do for my posts about Ultimate Frisbee at St. Andrews.

-My host family: They made Barcelona a home for me. They helped me with directions, they kept me fed and my Spanish definitely improved with their help. I will be staying in touch with them for a very long time.
-Frisbee: My theory was proven right again. You can find friends through frisbee anywhere in the world. I got to meet new people, travel and enjoy the city as more than a tourist for three months.
-Traveling: I didn't really get the chance to travel while in the U.K. because it wasn't as convenient. But I definitely made up for lost time while in Barcelona. Paris, Pyranees, Santander, Girona, Milan, Venice and Figueras/ the DalĂ­ museum. I would say that's a pretty good list right there.
-Living in a city: I have never lived in a city before and Barcelona was a good one to start with. If they weren't striking, the public transport was reliable and easy to use. The city is small and compact so I could figure out my way most of the time. I always felt pretty safe because guns are completely illegal there. It was nice not to have to worry about those things and to know that it was okay to be out after dark in the city. It meant I could focus on enjoying the culture and the beauty of the city without constantly looking over my shoulder.
-Food: I decided to stop being a vegetarian for my study abroad experience in Barcelona. It was a fantastic choice. It meant I could enjoy everything that Carmen put in front of me and let me tell you, she's a good cook. Sometimes stuff got a little too exotic for me, but I made sure to try everything at least once.
-Politics: I hate them, but I was super interested in what was going on in Spain. I think it's because I could physically see how everything was effecting Spain and it affected my every day life, too.

Low lights:
-Strikes: Everything is always striking in Barcelona. The public transport most of all. These strikes could double my travel time or have me walking pretty far to get to where I needed to go. It was the bane of my existence there.
-The men: rude, aggressive, vulgar. If I have one more thing whispered in my ear while I am minding my own business and walking to school, someone will get punched.
-Classes: I've complained enough about them on this blog. Suffice it to say, I learned more outside of the class room.

I can't think of anything else. I'm sure I'm missing both highlights and low lights. But this list will do for now. I miss Barcelona a lot and hope that I will be able to make my way back soon.

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