Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Everything you ever wanted to know about my apartment

           The day after orientation (Friday) ended everyone shipped out to their placements all over Andalucía to find their new homes. I was one of the lucky ones who got to stay put in the same hotel as the one we stayed in for orientation. I slept in and then set out to meet my potential roommate Catherine. We had connected over Facebook. She was looking for a roommate in Seville and I still wasn’t sure what I was going to do about the housing situation. We met up and went for some coffee. Luckily, we hit it off right away. It was a little bit like speed dating because of my time crunch. I only had five days in my hotel, which isn’t a lot of time to find the apartment of your dreams. We took the weekend off because it’s hard to do anything in Spain on weekends. I took Saturday to go sight seeing (post coming soon) and Sunday to meet the bilingual coordinator from my school. Monday Catherine, her boyfriend and I met up to begin the hunt. It was a mess from the start. We saw about seven apartments that day. Each one was worse than the last. We went our separate ways frustrated and sad. I was pretty sure I was going to be living in a little box with just my luggage to keep me warm. Tuesday we went back at it with a positive attitude. We saw five or six more apartments that day, but we went with the first one we saw. It was the right size, was in the perfect location and it had its own personal patio. I ended up moving in the next day because my time in the hotel was up.
            I had a couple days to myself in the apartment until Friday. Then we spent nearly a week entertaining guests. Catherine and I were a mess. We had barely moved ourselves in, there was no way we were ready to host people. So we did a giant Ikea trip and prepared ourselves as best we could. Our two guests were friends of Catherine. Well, one girl was a family friend and the other girl was a friend of the friend. They were wonderful! I felt bad that we were so stressed and busy. We were both starting work while they were staying with us, so we didn’t get much of a chance to spend time with them and show them around. Now the piso is, more or less, set up and beautiful. Since we’re both pretty busy little things have fallen through the cracks like arranging our kitchen. But we have time. So now that the place is presentable, here is a virtual tour. 
 photo file-10.jpg
My Room
 photo file-11.jpg

 photo file-12.jpg
The Living Room
 photo file-13.jpg
The Kitchen
 photo file-15.jpg
The Patio
 photo file-16.jpg
We do laundry inside that shed
        As I spend more time in my piso, I love it more and more. It is quickly beginning to feel like home base, something that is so important to me in a foreign country. The location is right between Plaza de Armas (a major bus station and my ride to my school) and Calle San Jacinto (a main street in Triana with food and shopping). Oh, I live in Triana. So I’m across the bridge from the center of the city. This means it’s a little more quiet and residential. Actually, since I’ve moved here I haven’t really been into the city center. Triana has everything I need.

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