Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Reflection: On Patience

One of the most important things that I have learned about myself over these weeks is patience. Things in the South of Spain move slow. Businesses aren’t open a lot of hours, most of them close for a siesta (a.k.a mid day nap), so you get used to putting things off until tomorrow and being okay with that. I am an instant gratification kinda gal. That kind of thing doesn’t fly here. It might be the little things like a later eating schedule or waiting in the ridiculous lines at the bank. Or it might be something big like finding an apartment or having internet (which I still don’t have as I write this post). So these past weeks have been a very valuable lesson that I have been eating up. The American lifestyle is all about go go going. The more you can get done in a day the better. A two hour mid day siesta? As if. Banks closing at 2pm and being closed on weekends? I’m pretty sure our country would deteriorate. But this is the reality of Spain. I try to marry my American drive to the newly discovered Spanish slowness. If something doesn’t get done right away, instead of freaking out, I am slowly learning to simply wait. I have also learned to plan ahead. I’m already a pretty organized person, and I put this to use now more than ever. Many businesses (mostly banks) open at 9am and close around 2pm and nothing is open on Sundays. So I have begun to do my shopping and errands in the morning and then do things around the house in the afternoons. I also take full advantage of my days off, because most of the time I work from 9am to 2pm. I have also learned to revel in my down time. At college I rarely took naps. If I wasn’t doing homework I was working on something for an extracurricular activity or applying for jobs. Now, I take full advantage of my siesta. After work, I’ll get home, spend some time making lunch and then take an hour or two to myself. For the first time in years I am reading for pleasure on a regular basis. I love it. So, instead of complaining and fighting against the Spanish lifestyle I am intertwining it with my own American up bringing. This means that, not only do I get things done, but I have also learned the value of a well deserved nap.   photo 177fa712-9628-4779-91d6-a9bdae8e1831.jpg

Coming Attractions:
-Everything Apartment related
-My trip to Ikea
-Everything you want to know about my job and my school
-My day as a tourist in the city
-My trip to the Cathedral and La Ghiralda
-Lists and reflections

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