Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Super Tourist

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Since Catherine and I didn't have any apartment appointments set up the weekend of my five day apartment hunt, I decided to take a me day that Saturday. It had been a crazy whirlwind of orientation from the second I set foot in Sevilla. I slept in past noon and I really needed it. Between jet lag and orientation, I was lacking in the sleep department. After a nice long shower (because I knew those wouldn't happen after I had my own apartment and would be paying for electric), I set out on a day of sightseeing. Here's the thing about Sevilla, I had come in expecting something like Barcelona. I was dead wrong. The south of Spain is your stereotypical Spain. It's the land of bull fighting, tapas and Flamenco. When you think of Spain, you're most likely thinking of the South. Barcelona is different. First, it's in Catalunya, so it really doesn't want to be a part of Spain at all. Second, Barcelona is a cultural and international hub. It's Sevilla on crack. I'll write more about my difficulty with getting accustomed to southern life later. All that is to say, I had prepared myself for a day of sightseeing like I would in Barcelona. I was ready for tons of walking, getting lost, and at least one rude man whispering something obscene in my ear as he walked by. Oh, and I had a hand on my bag to deter pick pocketing. I was over prepared. Sevilla is small, so the walking wasn't that bad, if I ever felt lost I just oriented myself by the river, getting cat called rarely happens here and although pickpocketing happens in touristy zones, it's nothing like Barcelona. Pleasantly surprised, I meandered my way around the winding streets and made my way to Las Cetas (a.k.a. The Metropol Parasol). The Metropol Parasol is a giant work of architecture that fills what was once a car park and kind of a dead zone in the city center. It's very modern and about half of the city likes it and the other half doesn't. You can find information about it here. Underneath is a museum of Roman ruins found during the construction of the building. Here is more information about the museum. I'm a huge fan of Roman ruins so I spent a lot of time in the museum wandering around and feeling proud about how much I new about ancient roman cities and towns. Then I went up to the top of the Parasol to get my first view of Sevilla's cityscape. I'll be honest, I was disappointed. Here's the thing, a law was passed a loooooong time ago that nothing can be taller than La Giralda, so the city is pretty flat. Not my favorite cityscape that I've ever seen. But it was nice to orient myself. After that I grabbed some food and headed home to rest because when I first arrived to Sevilla, it would get HOT during the afternoon.
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