Friday, November 8, 2013

Trip to Ikea

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I thought it was important to give Ikea its own post because it was my first time ever going to an Ikea. Who would have thought Sevilla, Spain would include my first Ikea experience? My word of choice to describe the overall experience is overwhelming. From the moment I walked in, until the momemnt I left, my head was spinning. Catherine, Emily and I went in with lists a mile long. Our apartment was nice, but we have quite a stingy landlord. That meant a lot of practical stuff was missing and Ikea was the cheapest way to take care of the problem. So we started on the first floor which is filled mostly with the show rooms. Now, I had no idea that the actual stuff to buy was coming later, so I thought this was it. I wandered through bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms and I thought there was no way out. After that, there is a cafateria. Ikea has a full blown cafateria! We thought we could just breeze on by that and get to the actual shopping. When we hit the shopping section of Ikea, I didn't even know where to look. Even though it was categorized by room, there was so much stuff. We quickly realized how tired and grumpy we were and headed back upstairs for lunch. Once we were energized and properly caffinated, we headed back to the shopping section. We filled our cart to the brim. I couldn't even tell how much money we´d be spending. But, I promise, it was all stuff we needed. Then, as if the shopping section wasn´t enough, we hit the warehouse. The warehouse was filled with the DIY furniture. I grabbed a night stand, Catherine grabbed a hanging rack, and we headed to the check out. Now here´s the thing about Ikea, it's deceptively cheap. Based on all the stuff we had in our cart, I thought I'd be paying hundreds of euros. Turns out, my stuff was under 150. And I got A LOT of stuff. So now our apartment is properly furnished and now I am fully aware that a trip to Ikea is no laughing matter.
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