Monday, December 16, 2013

Eating my way through Spain

If you follow me on instagram or have talked to me at all in the past months, you'll know that I'm pretty obsessed with the food here. Food is one way that Sevilla is very different from my experience in Barcelona. Barcelona is full of international and fast food. Sevilla is full of tapas and traditional Southern dishes. I have tried as much as I can. Not eating pork has gotten in the way a little bit (they love their pork here) and it has gotten me some weird looks from the waiters. I don't eat pork? How do I live? Anyway, after some hits and misses I have found my favorite and go to tapas. I can now recognize most of their Spanish names and I no longer need to phone a friend or ask to see an English menu. I will say that my friends and I have complained a little about the lack of flavor and the lack of variety of food here. It is very difficult to get spicy things. For us, when they say it's spicy we all nod and say "so it'll be flavorful". My friends and I have begun to consciously seek out international food restaurants. So far we have gone for Indian and Mexican food. They've been okay, but honestly, no one does Tex Mex like Chipotle. So here is a collection of food for your viewing pleasure. Word to the wise, anything that is fried with goat cheese and honey is a must.
 photo file-41.jpg  photo file-43.jpg  photo file-39.jpg  photo file-42.jpg  photo file-40.jpg  photo file-49.jpg  photo file-47.jpg  photo file-45.jpg  photo file-48.jpg  photo file-50.jpg  photo file-46.jpg

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