Thursday, January 16, 2014

Life is Pretty Normal

Sometimes I get messages, whatsapps, face times, etc. asking, "so how is it living the dream". I'm assuming "the dream" is living and working abroad. You know those memes about how I see my experience, how my friends see my experience, how the world sees my experience and how it really is? This is exactly what "living the dream" here in Spain is. I feel like the assumption is that I've been given the chance to go study abroad yet another time. Let me get rid of that myth. I do not spend my time here in Spain drinking and paryting until 5am on work nights. I know this assumption exists, however it is not my reality. I take my job very seriously. Other assistants that I have met don't at all, hence the assumption that I do nothing. But I do a lot. My school has much higher expectations of me than other schools that I have heard about. It was luck of the draw. I'm not allowed to slack and I'm not expected to be a just another body in the room. Most of the teachers have taken it upon themselves to teach me how to…well, teach. This means that I lesson plan for most of my classes every week. My school holds me up to a high standard and I try to go above and beyond their expectations. I also teach private classes outside of school in order to make extra income. Even with the private classes I do not work what is considered a full time job in the states. However, I do not spend hours upon hours watching netflix and eating bon bons (well most of the time). When I moved here I had some goals. The most important was that I would spend more time on myself and the people I met. This is something I really didn't get to do in college. I put so much academic pressure on myself that other things just had to slip through the cracks, the thing that suffered the most was my relationship with friends. I wasn't going to let that happen in Spain. Because of this resolution I have become a part of a very special group of friends. We are from all over the world and speak many different languages. The thing we have in common? Spanish and our love of Spain. I have taken more time to focus on my personal life. This means that I cook more, indulge in hobbies, go out of my way for friends and spend time making a real home for myself in Sevilla. This has resulted in a very special, sit com-esque experience. So now that that word vomit is on the internet, here is a photo journal of some of my favorite "normal" moments from my time here. See, after a couple of months, living abroad isn't the "dream" it's just your reality. What makes it so special is that it's exactly the reality I wish for myself right now. And I don't know how many twenty somethings are so lucky as to be able to say that.
 photo file-56.jpg
That one time I found real dressing in Corte Ingles
 photo file-57.jpg
Sometimes you gotta switch up Tapas with some Indian food
 photo file-58.jpg
When you don't feel like cooking? McDonalds
 photo file-59.jpg
Ladies night at our favorite bar/coffee shop
 photo file-60.jpg
Casual Flamenco jam session at lunch
 photo file-62.jpg
Pancake breakfast
 photo file-61.jpg
 photo file-64.jpg
Sometimes I go climbing now
 photo file-63.jpg
 photo file-65.jpg
 photo file-66.jpg
Tuesdays often include exercising and healthy dinners
 photo file-67.jpg
Prepping for the Christmas performance
 photo file-68.jpg
Diaramas to teach about ecosystems. My idea!
 photo file-69.jpg
That one time I finally found quinoa in Sevilla!
 photo file-70.jpg
Charlotte's with the ladies

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