Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Christmas Week

     The week before Christmas everything was complete mayhem at my school. The thing I didn't know about Spain, they take Christmas SERIOUSLY. Not just religiously, they also love the celebrating part. About two weeks prior to Christmas break my schedule fell apart. All the classes were starting to practice for their Christmas performance and doing related activities, so sometimes I would be needed, sometimes I wouldn't. It got to the point where I spent more time in the teacher's lounge than in the classroom. That was fine though, it meant I had time to plan my trip to Italy.
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      I tried to participate in the activities and be as helpful as possible. Christmas week meant some very stressed out teachers. My favorite day was when I showed up to school and a churro stand was parked in our parking lot. Churros and chocolate for everyone thanks to the energetic mother helpers! That same day the third grade took time off science to walk over to a nearby church and sing some carols (all in Spanish, of course). The teachers were stressed, but I was having a blast. I didn't have to prepare anything and most of the time I wasn't needed. That meant I got to watch rehearsals, go to churches and eat churros.
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     That Friday was the grand performance. Technically I didn't need to go to work. But I wanted to see my students perform. I stuck with the second graders. I think it was helpful just to have an extra set of eyes and an extra person to help with the wrangling. The performances were adorable and brought me back to my elementary school days. The performances were split up by classes. So I saw the first and second graders perform. Since we are a bilingual school, they sang one song in Spanish and one in English. Both Spanish songs were accompanied sign language, which was beautiful to watch. Below are both first grade classes performing a song in Spanish complete with sign language.

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