Saturday, February 15, 2014

Italian Extravaganza: Day 1

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     For me, Bologna was all about the food. We ate like kings in Bologna when we were willing to pay for it (the cheap pizza was good too). Our day started bright and early with a half day tour of the city center. Bologna is still emerging as a tourist attraction, so there weren't many tourists around. That, and it was Christmas day. I liked Bologna. Of all the cities we visited, I would choose to live there. It reminded me of Sevilla. Not overwhelmingly large and a nice balance between locals and tourists. As a tourist though, I was looking forward more to the bigger cities on our itinerary like Florence and Venice.
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     After the tour we made our way to an early lunch. We found a nicer restaurant (aka: expensive) and had our first true Bolognian meal. I had tortillini and Dad had pumpkin stuffed tortillini. Our taste buds were blown but my stomach was not full. This restaurant was definitely about quality over quantity. Oh, and I had the best chocolate cake of my life. So great food, but nowhere near enough of it. After lunch Dad and I headed over to one of the many towers of the city. We climbed up the 500 some steps to get a great view of the city. This tower was a safety hazard, as in, it would never be open to the public in America. Dad tripped his way up the stairs (he tripped his way through Europe actually), and I held on to the railings for dear life.
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      After the tower we headed back to our hotel, rested, cleaned up and got ready for Christmas dinner. We had made reservations at a restaurant next door to our hotel. It was owned by the most adorable family. My meal changed the way that I view eating food. I had a steak fillet with a vinegar sauce, seasoned potatoes and a baked pear for desert. I believe I had quite a romantic relationship with my food that night.  photo IMG_1231.jpg  photo IMG_1063.jpg

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