Friday, February 21, 2014

Italian Extravaganza: Day 3

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       After an early train ride, Dad and I continued our tour to Venice. This was per Dad's request. I had been to Venice last year, but since he was nice enough to fly across the ocean to travel with me, I thought I would fulfill one of his requests. I took the return trip as an opportunity to do everything I wish I had had time to do the first time around. We took a water bus down to the  Piazza San Marco (because you have to take a boat down the Grand Canal at least once in your life). We walked around and then made our way into Basilica di San Marco. I hadn't gotten to go inside last year and I was dying to see the mosaics. They didn't disappoint. We paid a little extra to go up to the balcony and check out the view and a small museum.  photo IMG_1085.jpg  photo IMG_1105.jpg  photo IMG_1098.jpg  photo IMG_1103.jpg
       After Piazza San Marco, Dad and I followed the walking path that my National Geographic Guide book suggested. We made a pit stop at the Peggy Guggenheim Collection, another thing I had missed last year. It didn't disappoint either. It was crammed full with weird modern art and Peggy's fabulous life. After the art collection Dad and I finished our walk. We ate dinner at the same restaurant I went to last year (because it was a smash hit). It was a little overpriced, but delicious food per the usual. Dad and I split a salad and a pizza. Venice is known for it's okay food that is entirely overpriced. I would say that I didn't feel like my money went to waste but that pizza was definitely not the most mind blowing meal of my trip.  photo IMG_1239.jpg  photo IMG_1117.jpg  photo IMG_1120.jpg
       Dad and I got lucky with our first day in Venice. It was still some sort of Christmas holiday in Italy so there were practically no lines and the art gallery wasn't overly crowded. From experience, Venice can be an obnoxious tourist trap. My complaints about this come later in the trip, however. We had a lovely first day in Venice, the city never ceases to amaze me. Tourist trap aside, the appearance of the city is awe inspiring. I don't regret being able to say I've had the opportunity to visit twice.  photo IMG_1091.jpg

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