Saturday, February 22, 2014

Italian Extravaganza: Day 4

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       Our second day in Venice fulfilled another Venetian dream of mine. My guide book...wait segue. I never mentioned that my whole trip in Italy was made possible by National Geographic's guidebook to Italy. That thing was my bible. It has gorgeous pictures (because it's National Geographic) and didn't steer us wrong once. You'll see, it only made Italy better. I highly recommend it if you ever head over to Italy. So anyway, back to Venetian dreams coming true. My guidebook recommended that we tour some of Venice's islands if we had the time. This was something I wanted to do because it seemed unique and off the beaten path. National Geographic said to "move heaven and earth" to get to the island of Torcello. So I did. I got a job in Spain, moved here, got my Dad to come all the way to Italy, and I planned the trip of a lifetime. Would you like me to move anything else? This was one of my favorite days. Due to Venice catering to the tourists, there was a half day tour of the islands of Murano, Burano and Torcello. It was a decent price, too. We caught our boat in the nick of time, our first stop was Murano. Murano is known for it's glass. We saw a glass blowing demonstration and made a pit stop to buy some gifts. We used our remaining time to wander around the island before being herded back onto the boat. Next stop, Burano. Burano is known for it's lacework. We also made some purchases here. Doilies anyone? But actually, the artwork and painstaking attention to detail was incredible. Dad and I attempted to put together a lunch (we ended up with chips and a hunk of cheese) and then hopped back on the boat to Torcello.
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       Torcello is different from Murano and Burano, it isn't a town and the few people that live there (I think the tour guide said something like 11 people) are only there to take advantage of the tourism. This island is all about the mysterious scenery and the ancient fortress and church. It's as close to Narnia as I will ever get. I moved heaven and earth and I ended up through the wardrobe. Dad and I almost decided to skip the boat and take a water bus back in order to take more time to explore. We ended the day at a teeny tiny takeout restaurant called Alfredo's. It's this small hole in the wall that serves fresh pasta in a to go box. Even though it looks like it's to go, they strongly insist that you eat it right then and there. The staff was fantastic and my pasta was to die for. 
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