Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Italian Extravaganza: Day 5

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       The first half of our day was spent wandering around Venice. We didn't really have any concrete plans so we walked along the water and ended up in a more residential part of Venice, which was interesting. It was a nice break from having merchandise and mediocre food shoved in our faces. There were less people and the rhythm of the streets was much slower and quieter. Then we headed back to Piazza San Marco to go up the Campanile. My goal was to get a cityscape of every city we visited. After Venice I was two for two with cityscapes.
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       We said good bye to Venice and boarded the train to Florence. Venice to Florence is a longish trip so we didn't have much time to do sightseeing when we got there. The sun was already setting so we settled into our hotel and touched base with the itinerary. This was where my first almost melt down took place. I realized that my decision not to reserve tickets to anything would mean at least an hour long wait at The Uffizi Gallery the next day. No matter the wait, I knew we were going (I had to see Botticelli's Birth of Venus). Once we had decided to get up early and be at the museum when it opened, I calmed down. I was disappointed in myself, but content with the fact that we would probably get to everything on my itinerary. Through trip advisor, dad found this great little hole in the wall that served panini's that were to die for. They were super cheap, too. Filled with good food and looking forward to Museum Day, I headed to bed.  photo IMG_1252.jpg

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