Monday, April 21, 2014

Día de Andalucía

Día de Andalucía celebrates the day that Andalucía became an autonomous community. Honestly, I didn't know much more than that when the school started erupting in celebrations. I just knew that it meant I had a four day weekend. The celebrating part turned out to be really fun, and now that I've become a part of the school, the students wanted to make sure I got to partake as much as possible. On Tuesday afternoon a band came and played traditional music, as well as the Sponge Bob Square Pants theme song. I kept trying to think back to the days before homeschooling, and I just can't say that my elementary school ever went as big as the one I work at now. But a band for Andalucía day is normal.
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Wednesday was a mess. We started with a traditional Andalucía breakfast: fresh baked bread and olive oil made from olive grown in the south. I'm a big fan of the bocadillo, so I didn't say no. The kids kept asking me if I had ever had a bocadillo before. Sometimes I don't know if it's clicked for them yet that I actually live here. I don't fly home to America every night. The second activity of the day was balloon wishes. We wrote wishes and tied them to the end of balloons. Then the whole school went outside to the playground and, after the anthem ended, we let them go at the same time. My wish ended up coming true. I'll be coming back next year! I don't know where my placement is yet, but it'll be somewhere in Andalucía. I love taking part in impromptu school celebrations. I feel really welcome at my school at this point and both the students and teachers make sure that I have the opportunity to participate fully. I got lucky in my placement, which is why I made the wish to come back.
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