Sunday, April 20, 2014

I Never Stop Being a Tourist in My Own City

Sevilla is a fairly small city. For a weekend visit it is jam packed with things to do. But after seven months, I hate to admit it, but you get used to living here. Sometimes my friends and I like to remind ourselves that we live in an incredible city, so we go site seeing. These pictures were taken during excursions to the Torre del Oro (The Golden Tower) and Plaza de España (one of my favorite places in Sevilla).
 photo batch_IMG_1297.jpg  photo batch_IMG_1291.jpg  photo batch_IMG_1287.jpg  photo batch_IMG_1300.jpg
 photo batch_IMG_1328.jpg
 photo batch_IMG_1332.jpg
 photo batch_IMG_1345.jpg  photo batch_IMG_1342.jpg

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