Monday, April 28, 2014

Lisbon and MOW

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Just because I haven't mentioned frisbee in awhile doesn't mean I haven't been playing. The first weekend of March we headed to Lisbon, Portugal to play in a beach tournament called MOW (Mixed, Open, Women). We headed out early on Friday to get in a half day of site seeing. The actually tournament was about 20 minutes outside of the city. I came in knowing almost nothing about Lisbon, but Portugal was on my list of places to go so I tagged along with the team and took pictures along the way. I couldn't tell you what anything was called, but for me, that wasn't the point. I got to travel, get to know my teammates and eat delicious food.
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The tournament part of the trip was...awful. It's not the organizers' fault. It just so happened that the worst weather in the history of all of ultimate frisbee happened to be on that weekend. It was cold, windy, rainy, and misty practically the whole time. That changes everything. We were tired and miserable the whole tournament. We ended up bringing two teams; my team came in 5th out of six because we kind of gave up at the end. It was hard to muster up the motivation under the conditions. The other team came in 3rd. I don't know where they got their energy from. Looking back now we can laugh about MOW and say that, speaking positively, we learned a lot from playing in that weather. But at the time, all I wanted was tea, a good movie and lots and lots of blankets.   photo batch_IMG_1319.jpg  photo batch_IMG_1312.jpg  photo batch_IMG_1320.jpg

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