Thursday, May 15, 2014

Galicia Trip // A Coruña

I left my plans for Spring break kind of up in the air until the last minute. Maybe I would stay in Sevilla, maybe head to Valencia, or Galicia. Listening to my gut, I bought tickets with two other friends to Galicia. Our plan was to visit A Coruña and Santiago de la Compostela. My two other friends were making a pit stop in Asturias and would head to Lugo to visit a family friend. I knew very little about Galicia, but based on my trip to Santander, I knew I liked the North and wanted to see more of it. We flew into the A Coruña airport and the day we spent there was a dream. I would move there in a heartbeat.  photo batch_IMG_1376.jpg  photo batch_IMG_1401.jpg  photo batch_IMG_1413.jpg photo batch_IMG_1418.jpg  photo batch_IMG_1424.jpg
We started out in Plaza de Maria Pita and then headed to the coast. We took in the astounding scenery and snapped an absurd amount of pictures. We spent quite a lot of time in a small park right on the cliffs. Runners were going all around the park and I was quite jealous. I mean, running along the river in Sevilla is always a special experience, but imagine running past scenery like this every day. After getting our fill of the ocean, we went over to the Tower of Hercules which was right by the park.
 photo batch_IMG_1385.jpg  photo batch_IMG_1445.jpg  photo batch_IMG_1458.jpg
We climbed up the top of the tower and, as you can see from my hair, it was WINDY. I'm all about cityscapes so I enjoyed seeing what A Coruña looked like from high up. Next came lunch. We left tapas behind and dove into the land of pinxos and fresh seafood. I ordered baked codfish with a garlic sauce, tomatoes and potatoes. There was very little conversation during lunch as we were all pretty fixated on our food. You just can't get food like that in Sevilla. Topped off by house wine and a brownie from heaven, we were in a food coma of contentment. We ended our day with a walk around the city center, an obligatory visit to the beach and a walk along the marina. Dinner consisted of a large ration of octopus (Galicia is known for its octopus) and the glorious realization that Cruz Campo is not the beer of choice here. Estrella Galicia is served in Galicia and it is a million steps up from Cruz Campo.  photo batch_IMG_1488.jpg  photo batch_IMG_1485.jpg  photo batch_IMG_1491.jpg  photo batch_IMG_1506.jpg

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