Saturday, May 17, 2014

Galicia Trip // Lugo

The way Lugo came about can only be described as fate. As my friends were planning their trip to Asturias I chose to forgo that leg of the journey because it was a lot of travel time and seemed quite expensive. I thought I would visit a small town near Santiago and then meet with my friends there. As I was warning my mother that I would be spending two nights traveling on my own she told me about how one of her acquaintances in Savannah, GA had family in Galicia. Her acquaintance had already let her cousin know that I might call and my mother passed on her phone number. I still have issues speaking Spanish over the phone, but this opportunity was too well timed to pass up. One quick phone conversation later and I was all set to spend two nights in the small city of Lugo.
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The second I got of the bus I was thrown into the beautiful everyday life of Lugo. We went to my host's mother's house which turned out to be a mini farm. They grow and raise all of their own food. My lunch consisted of chicken raised in the backyard, potatoes from the garden and the classic Galician dish of octopus (store bought). I kept exclaiming over the food and life style but they told me having a small plot of land and growing your own food was normal here. Where can I sign up? Next, my host took me on a tour outside of Lugo's city center. We saw an old Roman bridge and Roman baths. Then we met one of her friends for a drink and walk along the river. Everyone was so welcoming and I felt very taken care of. After, we headed to my host's apartment for a quick dinner and then I settled down with a good book.
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Fun fact: Lugo has the only complete Roman wall in the world. The classics nerd in me was very excited by this. On my second day there I walked around the whole thing. It is a popular destination for walkers and runners, as well as the odd tourist. After that I went back to the mini farm for a delicious lunch of home grown asparagus and rice. I saw where my host works as an architect and then wandered around the city center. I took the opportunity to do a little shopping, then headed to the cathedral. I met with my host for dinner and then we watched one of the Easter processions. It was quite tame compared to Sevilla. It wasn't crowded at all and the whole procession was over in about ten minutes. The next day I said good bye to my dream farm and to my host's wonderful family. What started out as a vague plan to travel alone became the highlight of my trip to Galicia.

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