Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Galicia Trip // Santiago

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I met back up with my friends again in Santiago. Santiago is a beautiful city, but after the cliffs of A Coruña and the hospitality of Lugo, it lacked that spark of magic. It reminded me very much of a northern version of Sevilla with its narrow winding streets. We spent what was left of the day wandering around and enjoying a stroll around the city. We stopped in the Pilgrim museum to learn a bit more about the Camino de Santiago and how it began. The next day we walked along the rooftop of the Cathedral of Santiago. Since I'm all about a bird's eye view of cities, I had a blast wandering around the top of the cathedral. After lunch we headed to a park and wandered from one breathtaking view of the city to another. Our hostel happened to be half hostel, half restaurante so we ate dinner there and packed up to head back to the madness of Semana Santa in Sevilla the next day. Before we went to the airport we made a very important stop at the supermarket to buy Tarta de Santiago, which is a sweet almond cake. It has made for many a good desert here in casa de Maddie. photo batch_IMG_1608.jpg  photo batch_IMG_1614.jpg  photo batch_IMG_1629.jpg  photo batch_IMG_1642.jpg  photo batch_IMG_1636.jpg  photo batch_IMG_1623.jpg
I'm really not one for spontaneous traveling, but I'm very happy I jumped on board this trip to Galicia with my friends. As much as I love, Sevilla sometimes I think I am better suited to the climate and personality of northern Spain. After Sevilla, I would love to live in the north to get to know that part of Spain better.
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