Monday, May 5, 2014

La Liga Central (a.k.a how frisbee works over here)

There are two leagues in Spain: the Catalunya League (any team on the east coast of Spain) and the Central League (everyone else). We play in the Central League. This doesn't mean that we can't play against teams in the Catalunya League. The majority of the tournaments in Spain are organized for any team that wants to come. The league tournaments are unique. They also don't represent all of the teams that exist in Spain. We don't play against every single team in central Spain at La Liga Central, it depends on who wants to make the trip and who can afford it. There were three tournaments in the league overall and I went to the last two.

La Liga #2: Feb. 1st
There was wind, rain, snow, hail and an unbearable amount of cold. When I look back at this tournament, I still don't know how I played. That being said, we came with intensity and a desire to win. There's hail? Fine, let's run some drills. You can't feel your hands? Maybe catching a disc will help that (it doesn't, it just hurts). With this mentality we came second in our pool, putting us in the higher pool for the next tournament. We came as a team with barely enough people to put on the field and left in a position to play for first place.

La Liga #3: March 15th
The weather was the opposite of last time. It was sunny and just beginning to get warm. This was the most intense tournament I have ever played with my team. We have a reputation for being the fun team. We like to make friends and we like to party, so sometimes we aren't taken as seriously. But our attitude for this Liga was different. Everyone was in the zone. We played harder and better than I'd ever seen, placing us in 2nd for the tournament and 3rd in the overall league. We were proud, but already looking forward to next year's Liga Central. We also partied harder than I'd ever seen before. Not only were we celebrating a win, but we were celebrating a team member's last tournament before moving faaaar away. Somehow the majority of us managed to be awake and ready for a fun little hat tournament the next day. I nearly died...nearly.

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