Sunday, May 11, 2014

Renaissance Fair

One of my favorite places to hang out is La Alameda. If it was Milwaukee it would be the East Side. It's where all the young hipsters live and there's a bunch of fun, kitschy stores and restaurants. Right when Spring was starting to creep into Sevilla (and by Spring, I mean blazing heat) a Renaissance fair hit the main street of La Alameda. This wasn't the typical Bristol Renaissance fair like I'm used to, it was much smaller and had quite the Moroccan vibes. We ate our weight in kebabs and crepes and I managed to grabs some gifts for myself and friends and family.
 photo batch_IMG_1353.jpg  photo batch_IMG_1364.jpg  photo batch_IMG_1366.jpg  photo batch_IMG_1358.jpg  photo batch_IMG_1357.jpg  photo batch_IMG_1354.jpg

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