Saturday, June 21, 2014

Feria de abril

 photo batch_ScreenShot2014-06-20at43335PM.png
Words cannot fully describe the way Seville transforms when Feria descends. It is like the whole city has gone back in time, the streets are full of horses with women clad in beautiful flamenco dresses. I was lucky enough to borrow a dress from a friend and my good friend, Becky, came all the way from London to visit and photograph the whole thing. Thank goodness, because I have no idea where I would have kept my camera.  photo batch_ScreenShot2014-06-20at43159PM.png  photo batch_ScreenShot2014-06-20at43110PM.png photo batch_ScreenShot2014-06-20at43234PM.png  photo batch_ScreenShot2014-06-20at43141PM.png

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