Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Semana Santa

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I jumped right into Semana Santa (Holy Week) the second I got back to Seville from Galica. I took a couple hours to unpack and shower and then met up with my friends to watch some of the processions. Seville got very high tech about Semana Santa and created an app that told you which processions were happening each day and where they would be at what time. This made it easy to choose the processions I wanted to see and pick locations. I chose La Esperanza de Triana, which is the second largest procession of Semana Santa and El Cachoro. My friends and I staked out a place around midnight and waited until 4am for to see the whole procession of La Esperanza de Triana from beginning to end. It was worth the wait and the sore feet. El Cachoro goes down the street right in front of where I live, so I literally had to step out my front door to see it. The displays of passion and religious devotion were beautiful, but Semana Santa was a bit much for me. It became frustrating to have to check the app every time I wanted to leave the house and dodge around the processions. I'm glad I committed and did Semana Santa once, but next year, I plan on taking a looooong vacation.  photo batch_IMG_1627-1.jpg  photo batch_IMG_1631.jpg  photo batch_IMG_1637-1.jpg

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