Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Toledo // Days Two and Three

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Our second day in Toledo was our frantic tourism day. We got an early start to beat the lines and began at the Greco Museum. Did you know it’s the year of Greco? He is a famous painter from Toledo celebrating the four centuries since his death. There are events and art shows all over Spain in his honor. I had never heard of Greco until a friend in Lugo told me I HAD to go to the Greco Museum. Turns out, I now have a favorite Spanish Painter.
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After the Greco Museum we went to the Transit Synagogue. This synagogue is both a synagogue and a museum. After lunch Rachel and I took a nap and powered through the Cathedral. The Cathedral is probably the most famous attraction in Toledo. At the beginning Rachel and I both agreed that the Synagogues would take precedence. This meant that we didn’t have nearly enough time in the Cathedral. After the Cathedral we made dinner in our apartment and enjoyed it out on the terrace with our favorite beer made in Toledo: Domus. Day three included a lovely breakfast of crepes and fruit. Then we rushed off to the train station to head back to the blazing heat of Sevilla. 
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