Saturday, June 7, 2014

What I'm Reading // Gone Girl

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I've had this book in the back of my mind ever since I found out it was being made into a movie. It seemed interesting and everyone was singing its praises so I thought, "why not?". I was incredibly disappointed, to tell the truth. I only held on until the end because I wanted to find out how it ended, and even that was a disappointment. Half of me wanted to throw the book across the room and the other half wanted to sit down and discuss it. It was a love/hate relationship the whole way through. I am looking forward to the movie because I think the drama border lining on soap opera will translate well onto the screen.

1. Surprising twists and turns
2. It's mostly a surface novel
3. What's up with the ending?
4. What is the feminist criticism like on this?
5. I don't know which protagonist I like (or hate) more
6. It will make a better movie than book
7. It wasn't at all what I expected
8. Reliable narrators?
9. The idea of perfection
10. Those treasure hunts

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