Thursday, June 5, 2014

Ultimate Frisbee // From Portugal to Beaches

One of my favorite ultimate frisbee discoveries in Spain is beach ultimate. It even has it's own division; we play grass nationals and beach nationals. Some people say beach is more difficult to play, some say grass, I say, they're both great. But I kind of prefer beach. Alicante was wonderful. There was sun, the sea, good people and we came in third. We didn't win the best costumes but I think we made pretty awesome Incredibles. Simply put...I was happy.
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Portuguese Championships
Portugal only has 4 teams, so my team and another team from Spain headed over to Leiria to make the tournament an even 6. Due to starting out slow in the morning, we lost our chance at the top two (we should have won everything!) and we came in third. It was a good wake up call for the team and it was the most intense we've played in a while. While Alicante was about the fun and the party, Leiria was very much about preparing for Spanish nationals in June. The coolest part about the whole tournament? Playing in a huuuuuge stadium! I felt quite professional.
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Calafell was my last tournament before heading home for the summer. I told my team before we even got on the plane that I was going to give that tournament everything (both on the field and at the party). We played incredibly! I think we shocked a lot of the other teams at the tournament because we're not known for being very competitive. We ended up winning our pool on day one and had a bit of an off day the second day, finishing in fourth. But out of sixteen teams! Go us! We also did quite well in the performance, coming up with a spoof of some of the classic disney songs. I believe I made quite a convincing Sevillana Snow White. 
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