Saturday, July 12, 2014

A Very Blogger Sister Date

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Our sister date tradition goes way back. Once a week my sister and I go to Cedarburg, eat at our favorite pizzeria and catch a movie at the Rivoli. Cedarburg is one of my favorite places in the Milwaukee area. Somehow it has preserved it's small town charm and history while shops continue to evolve with the times. There is everything from clothing stores to a gourmet popcorn tasting room. Our favorite place is the Rivoli theater. Once a week it plays a movie that has recently left theaters. We like to go on Tuesdays when tickets are just $2. I like that the theater hasn't become an ultra screen or requires you to reserve in advance, you simply go up to the ticket window and then enjoy the movie. So much simpler.
This sister date, we decided to get a bit blogger. You know, one of those blogger outings; the ones that go to super hipster places and the ladies in the photos look a little too put together and a little too candidly happy. You know what I'm talking about. Except our grand plans fell through a bit. We dressed up all cute but didn't allow ourselves enough time to capture what an amazing time we were having. Our plans to try a new restaurant didn't work out and we found out the hard way that Captain American: The Winter Soldier is only good the first time you see it. But we shall improve, we now know that it takes a bit more time to photograph ourselves having a fabulous sister date. Prepare to be jealous.

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