Thursday, July 31, 2014

Down Memory Lane

 photo batch_IMG_2111.jpg  photo batch_IMG_2105.jpg  photo batch_IMG_2102.jpg  photo batch_IMG_0062.jpg  photo batch_IMG_0053.jpg  photo batch_IMG_2127.jpg  photo batch_IMG_2106.jpg  photo batch_IMG_2146.jpg  photo batch_IMG_2125.jpg  photo batch_IMG_2149.jpg  photo batch_IMG_2171.jpg  photo batch_IMG_2158.jpg
 photo batch_IMG_2155.jpg  photo batch_IMG_2219.jpg  photo batch_IMG_2154.jpg Last week my sister, my mom and I went on a lady date to the Bookworm Gardens. It is a donation based garden that brings children's books to life through art. There is everything from Little House on the Prairie to Winnie the Pooh. We ate our lunch in The Secret Garden and then headed out to sit by The Giving Tree. We spent the morning running from book to book, even taking time to read a couple out loud.

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