Saturday, August 2, 2014

A Very Blogger Sister Date Round Two

 photo batch_IMG_2227.jpg  photo batch_IMG_2244.jpg  photo batch_IMG_2256.jpg  photo batch_IMG_2224.jpg  photo batch_IMG_2242.jpg  photo batch_IMG_2262.jpg  photo batch_IMG_2223.jpg  photo batch_IMG_2225.jpg  photo batch_IMG_2266.jpg We did so much better this time. It helped that we weren't catching a movie so we had as much time as we wanted to eat and take pictures. We decided to live on the edge and eat at a new restaurant this time. We'd seen the Stilt House each time we visited Cedarburg and it was time to try it out. We're big fans. Their beer list was fantastic, with a great selection of micro breweries. We ordered chips and guacamole and sliders to share. My sister and I were both very impressed by the presentation. It's all about whether the food looks good on instagram, right? We plan on taking the parents over for a family dinner sometime because it's that good. My one complaint would be that I would only want to eat outside, the inside is pretty dark and unfinished.