Friday, July 3, 2015

Seville // Round Two

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Nine months goes by so quickly. This year was different from the last one. Seville was my home. The little things that got me excited last year were normal this year, so I decided to take some time off blogging and simply live in a city that felt like it was mine. Here are the highlights. In october I started off the school year in the best way possible on the beaches of Castelldefels.
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Winter break in Brighton and Milwaukee.
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Weekend trip to Granada.
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From time to time I like to remind myself how cool Seville is. This is where they filmed some of Game of Thrones. It's a beautiful place.
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Tournament winning team.
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My favorite class. Not that I choose favorites.
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Spring Break in Brighton and London.
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Feria de Abril.
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When it started getting unbearably hot we started spending weekends outside of the city. We headed to Málaga to hike, to Cáceres for a cheese fair and to San Nicolás for more hiking and sunbathing.
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Barcelona with Laura. Only good things came of it. I even got to see the host family that I stayed with while studying abroad.
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Celebrating the end of academy classes.
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These good byes were tough, but you can bet I'll be visiting.
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